It's E-A-S-Y to recycle!  Your community may offer curbside recycling, or there may be central locations to drop off your items.  It's simple to stack your newspapers and magazines in a box; flatten your cardboard boxes, rinse out your glass bottles and cans.

Our city offers curbside recycling where we put our aluminum, glass and tin cans in one container.  They sort it when they pick it up.  It's so easy to have another trash can in your kitchen to throw these items in.  It soon becomes second nature.  We make a 'recycling run' once a week to our local city hall.  They have large containers in the parking lot for flattened cardboard, aluminum cans, and newspapers and magazines.  It's amazing how much less actual trash we throw away now!  And it gives us a good feeling to know that these items are being recycled, rather than buried in the landfill.  Our resources are limited - please do what you can to help out our planet!  Go to Earth 911 for more information:  Or, go to your city's website (they all have them now) to find out how you can recycle in your community. 

If you have items in your home or garage that you're not using, and don't want to go to the trouble of having a garage sale, try Freecycle  There are groups all over the United States - check the site to see if there's one in your community!  Items can be posted, and you'll be surprised how fast your items are picked up and used by others in your community.  Or, if you're in need of an item, browse the board - you may find it for free rather than having to buy it!