Russell & Mary (Marisha) are into a lot of different things.  Music, movies, audio and video editing and recording, antiques and collectibles, genealogy, etc. -- the list goes on and on!  Some of our interests include:

Music, including Paul McCartney (and The Beatles), Radiohead, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Steely Dan, Jethro Tull, Genesis, The Moody Blues, King Crimson, YES, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and many, many more.  E-mail Russell; he'll be glad to talk rock with you!  We love classical music, too! (Chopin, Vaughan Williams, many more...)

Night Flight (80s USA Network music/movie show - precursor to MTV).  Russell has a 28-DVD set of compilations of a lot of the old shows that he provides for $5 per DVD (plus $7.50 Priority shipping), to cover materials and his time.  He's also active on the Yahoo Night Flight message boards.  If you're interested in the DVDs, you can send payment through PayPal to rylierusty@comcast.net (again, $5 per DVD plus $7.50 Priority Mail shipping).  If you order the whole set of 28 that's $140 + shipping.  Click on the PayPal link below and use the drop-down to order any of the collections (1-5, 24-28 or all 28).  If you'd rather send a check or money order, e-mail Russell at rylierusty@comcast.net for the mailing address or for other questions.  Order one DVD, the first set of 5, or the whole set of 28. You don't have to buy them all now, but once you've seen and heard them, you'll probably come back for the rest!  To see a contents list for all 28 DVDs, click on the Audio & Video button to the left.

Night Flight+ DVDs

eBay:  In addition to Russell's Night Flight DVDs, we occasionally sell things on eBay.  Click our eBay page to find out more about our current auctions!

Genealogy:  Mary has researched many branches of the family.  Family names include Yeager (Jager), Parks, Quinn, Kinsey and more!  Click on the Genealogy link to find many genealogy resources.

Recycling:  We're into recycling big time here in our town!  Take the time to visit your town's website -- they'll probably have information about curbside and drop-off recycling.  Also, take the time to join the Yahoo Freecycle board -- it's a great way to not only get free items, but to give someone else a chance to put your items to good use!